Video: Myanmar’s Ambassador Locked Out of London Embassy


“Could you just inform us what took place? Please, it is quite significant to inform the globe.” “It’s type of coup, you have an understanding of that? It is type of coup. In the middle of London, this type of coup is not going to come about.” “What took place, although? Inform us what took place. What are the information?” “OK, you can see that, you know, they occupy my creating. I am the ambassador of Myanmar. [inaudible] I am the ambassador of Myanmar.” “And have you asked the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, about this scenario?” “Yeah, yeah, we are you know, we are waiting for the directions.” “What would you inform the globe? What need to come about now? Give you your embassy back?” “No, no. You know, this is my creating. I have to have to go within. That is why I’m waiting right here.”

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