Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Arrives at German Hospital


It is evident that a thing horrible took place. I imply, there was some silly explanations like, ‘oh, this or that or his blood strain … ’” ”And he’s a healthful, sturdy guy with a very good constitution. The evening ahead of the assault or what ever you want to contact it, he was swimming in a river. And I imply, there is this video that we’ve all witnessed from the plane wherever he will get this extraordinary soreness, he’s screaming, and we received a pretty clear message also from the medical professionals that if there would have not been an emergency landing in Omsk, wherever he was brought to the hospital, if they would have been making an attempt to fly on to Moscow, he would have died. So this is absolutely nothing that just comes from, I do not know, large altitude, or a bit of blood strain. Clearly, this was an assault on his existence.

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