Sun. Apr 11th, 2021
Nemam Ghafouri, Doctor Who Aided Yazidis in Iraq, Dies at 52

Nemam Ghafouri was born on Dec. 25, 1968, in the Chnarok area of Iraq (now the semi-autonomous Kurdistan area), a single of eleven young children of Mahmoud Agha Kaka Ziad Ghafouri, a Kurdish resistance commander, and Gulzar Hassan Jalal, who relayed foods and ammunition to the fighters when raising her young children.

Dr. Ghafouri grew up close to Tehran and in Naghadeh, in the West Azerbaijan province in Iran. Her household moved to Stockholm as refugees in the 1980s. She studied medication at the University of Pecs in Hungary and at Umea University in northern Sweden.

In the Kurdistan Area of Iraq, she developed and performed a single of the 1st epidemiological surveys on possibility components faced by conflict-zone survivors.

Dr. Ghafouri engaged in broad-ranging relief efforts in latest many years, such as missions to Iran to assist earthquake survivors. But her main emphasis due to the fact 2014 had been dealing with the humanitarian crisis made by the ISIS takeover. Even just after escaping ISIS, Yazidis have been left for months with no shelter and no coordinated relief operations. 7 many years later on, a lot more than 150,000 continue to be in displacement camps.

“She did not feel it would final for so lots of many years, but the a lot more concerned she received, she couldn’t depart them alone without the need of any assist,” Nazdar Ghafouri explained of her sister. “She noticed the catastrophe past the 1st emergency — foods, water, medication. Then she noticed the catastrophe — all the daily life stories behind every single tragedy.”

In addition to her sister, Dr. Ghafouri is survived by her mom 5 a lot more sisters, Nergiz, Neshmil, Shilan, Chinar and Bijar Ghafouri and 3 brothers, Diari, Ari and Karwan.

Dr. Ghafouri was evacuated to Sweden just after contracting Covid-19 in the course of the mission to reunite the mothers and young children. On a ventilator, as her oxygen dropped to dangerously very low amounts, she continued to submit political messages on Twitter just before she was transported.

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