Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021
1946: Septuplet Rumor Fools Reporters in Paris

Paris was subjected to an intensive search final evening by French and foreign newspaper reporters who forgot worldwide politics and other varieties of information when the rumor spread that someplace in the city a girl had provided birth to 7 infants, or septuplets. At midnight the frantic search was nonetheless going on but no this kind of fertile girl had been discovered.

The girl-hunt began right after information companies and newspaper correspondents started to get queries which only stated that “American Telegraph” had reported the various birth. No tackle or identify was provided but the pack turned out. Hospitals have been checked and police have been asked if they had any this kind of report.

At the Hotel Dieu, massive maternity hospital close to Notre-Dame Cathedral, they stated almost nothing of the kind had took place there but that they had had about twenty queries on the topic.

Representatives of the French Ministry of Data also have been striving to trace the rumor. By some means the tackle of a creating in the Rue Galande was outlined and twenty journalists invaded the spot and went by the creating knocking on doors and asking if anyone had had 7 infants there. Even now no luck.

It was not until eventually far into the evening that it was found that the hunt had been began as the outcome of a useful joke. A group of his colleagues fixed up the story and informed it to a French police reporter. He fell for it hook, line and sinker and ahead of prolonged the issue had gotten out of hand.

— The Worldwide Herald Tribune, Feb. 21, 1946.

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