Bullguard Review – Antivirus Software

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Bullguard is a security program that offers a lot of features. It is different from other antivirus software. It’s the only one that offer a variety of subscription options, including up to 15 devices in some plans.

In contrast to other antivirus programs, BullGuard uses machine learning to identify and thwart threats before they cause serious damage. This is a great feature, and one we’d like to see more of from other companies. The AV package also includes several other security tools, including a secure web browser (which makes tracking your online activity difficult for snoopers) and identity theft protection.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive package, we suggest upgrading to Premium or Internet Security. These packages offer additional anti-malware, anti-virus and parental control options for Android devices.

Another feature that makes BullGuard apart is a “data leakage protection” tool that alerts you as soon as it detects that information such as your address or passwords being smuggled online. The UI is user-friendly although we’d like have more help material for those who aren’t experts in cybersecurity.

BullGuard provides 24/7 support through live chat (English only) or email, as well as an informative FAQ section on its website. There’s also users with a forum to discuss their issues with other users and with the company. The only thing that is lacking is support for phones. This is not an issue for most users.

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