Thu. Jun 24th, 2021
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UEFA President Aleksander eferin will hold talks about retaining the single-game eliminator format that has been utilised to full the pandemic-disrupted Champions League and Europa League seasons.

In an interview with The Related Press on Sunday, eferin stated individuals within and outdoors of football had contacted him to say they had been “extremely excited” by the last eight format that abandoned the residence-and-away two-legged quarterfinals and semifinals.

“I have to say that this technique of a single match appears extra intriguing to me than the other technique with two legged matches,” eferin advised the AP ahead of Paris Saint-Germain taking part in Bayern Munich in the Champions League last.

eferin stressed he would seek advice from extensively prior to pushing for any long term modifications to the format.

“It’s a single of the intriguing items that was brought by this pandemic,” Ceferin stated. “We had to do a technique like that. We had to perform this way, but at the finish, we see it is a incredibly intriguing technique.

“Now, it is really difficult to spot a last eight in the calendar. But we noticed that individuals want thrilling matches, that in a single match, each group can beat each group in Champions League or the Europa League. So it is anything to take into account for the potential … I consider in September or October, we have to commence to critically communicate.”

It should really not have a major monetary influence, says UEFA president

Ceferin is not concerned that getting rid of the variety of knockout video games could have a major monetary influence on UEFA.

“Even however you have significantly less matches, the worth can be greater if promoted appropriately,” he stated. “I see my mates from football and out of football calling me and texting me and they are all incredibly thrilled about this technique. Not so a great deal techniques.”

Gathering eight teams in Lisbon to conclude the Champions League appeared to be only possible simply because no supporters had been permitted in the two stadiums as component of coronavirus restrictions, which means the Portuguese authorities have not had to deal with rival factions gathering in the streets.

A last 4 format could be extra sensible to adopt in a single city more than a week to produce a Super Bowl-fashion buzz.

“You are in the center of consideration for a week of the total globe and this could possibly be a amazing issue, but we have to see,” Ceferin stated. “The calendar is incredibly difficult, gamers perform virtually 365 days per yr. So we have to see how we do it, if we do it.

“But yet again, I consider it is an intriguing format, which we did not consider about prior to and now it is someplace right here in our thoughts. So we will commence discussing about it when we meet up.”

UEFA has presently been exploring how to modify the Champions League format soon after 2024. The last eight technique has also been utilised to conclude the Europa League and Women’s Champions League this month.

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