“You’re going to break your back”

Pilar Rubio dedicates part of her content on Instagram to talking about her lifestyle. An example of this is her numerous publications about her diet and her workouts that she follows. However, not all cause admiration, since his last post has received a barrage of criticism.

The model has shared this Tuesday a video about strength training in which appeared lifting 160 kilos, and, far from causing applause from users, it has been received with dozens of negative comments.

Internet users have warned the collaborator of the anthill that he had to improve the technique, since he could injure himself or pay the consequences of his gym routine in the future. “You have to lose weight and improve technique, lower the pelvis down more, slow down the exercises and rest for a few seconds at the top”, a follower has commented.

Other users, on the other hand, have assured that Rubio I was just trying to show off above the risks that dangerous training could pose to her.

“Just by showing off on social networks one day you will break your back and there will be no solution. Put your ego aside if you do not want your physique to decline due to these nonsense. Improve technique with less weight and more repetitions, you are not in a competition” or “the muscles are trained, not the ego” are some of the messages that are read on the message board.

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