What do Claudia Martínez and Miguel de Hoyo share? ‘The Isa of temptations’, ‘Men, women and vice versa’ and much more

Claudia Martínez’s love history is extensive and well-known by Telecinco viewers. Although the Catalan is currently living a happy stage with Javier Redondo, her past has been full of different loves.

Among them, one of the most prominent was Miguel Hoyos. The young man participated as a tempter in the fourth edition of the island of temptations, the one before that of the influencer. In addition, the man from Malaga occupied the throne of Men, Women and Vice Versa in 2019. At that time, it was the extronista himself who asked the Catalan to attend the program.

In the first moment, Martínez was not very convinced of this and came to reject him. However, with the passage of time, the relationship between the two became stronger and little by little they got to know each other more deeply.

Paz Padilla and Adela González.

That same year, finally decided to go to the program with the intention of conquering him, and he fell at his feet. Although not everything was so idyllic, because one of the suitors of Malaga revealed what happened. Luzma told how he and Claudia had a relationship off camera.

Faced with the accusations, both tried to explain the facts. According to Miguel de Hoyo, the two met at a party in Barcelona and later met at the Malaga fair. Although, finallythe truth is that both ended up together.

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