“We have to stop insulting them all the time”

After paying an employee for his silence to hide his anti-Semitic comments, Kanye West has once again generated controversy. This time, on the Alex Jones show, where he has openly positioned himself in favor of Adolf Hitler, removing iron to Nazism.

The rapper, also known as Ye, has expressed in the far-right space that “the nazis did good things too” and that, in fact, he “likes” Hitler because, among other things, “he was born a Christian.”

“All human beings have something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler,” said the musician, who thinks that “We have to stop insulting Nazis all the time.”

Rapper Kanye West, at the Vanity Fair party after the 2020 Oscars ceremony, in Beverly Hills, California (USA).

Kanye West has been very critical of “the Zionists” during his talk. “The Jews are not going to tell me that they can love us, and they can love what we’re doing to them with contracts, and they can love what we’re promoting with pornography.”

According to the rapper, Hitler must be applauded because he “invented the highways” and “the microphone” that he uses as a musician. “You can’t say out loud that this person once did something good, and I want to end it,” he has valued her.

These comments reinforce the version of the artist Ryder Ripps, who worked with West between 2014 and 2018 and sent some documents to NBCNews in which claimed to remember positive comments about the Nazis or Hitler made by the musician, as well as mentioning anti-Semitic conspiracy theories during the summer and fall of 2018.

“It’s pretty obvious that this is some kind of Nazi obsession disgusting and full of hate,” Ripps said according to the American publication.

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