“We are a little sad, but it is a sought-after and desired farewell”

After more than 40 years making the public laugh, next Sunday, December 4, the group tricycle he will say goodbye to the stage permanently. Therefore, this Friday, Public mirror has taken the opportunity to interview, live, the members of the group.

During their speech, Carles Sans, Paco Mir and Joan Gràcia pointed out that they have “a mixture of feelings”: “A bit of joy for how well we have done in these 43 years, critics, public, we have traveled to many countries… and a little sad because it will be the last”.

“It is a sought-after and desired farewell,” the comedians have added regarding what will be their last function, Hits-Chimpum!: “We had to choose sketches that, although not all of them are there because the thing would last three or four hours, they are the best of the shows we’ve done. We have added that final ‘chimpum’ because, this time, we said goodbye for good and we wanted to do it this way in this marvelous space that is the Liceu”.

The former Tricicle, the Catalan comedian Carles Sans, premieres a solo show at the Teatre Borràs in Barcelona.

“It’s very worthwhile for them to do it, they have to go to the Liceu because this really is a farewell through the front door,” said Susanna Griso, to which the trio replied that it is no longer possible to get tickets, since they hung the sign of sold out a few weeks ago: “Resale, resale”.

“This is the last of all. The pandemic came when we were already saying goodbye in the year 2020, we had to take refuge in our houses and there was no last show, that feeling of say goodbye as I think the public and we deserve“, they added.

photographer: Jorge Paris Hernandez [[[PREVISIONES 20M]]]topic: Interview Paco Mir

From the morning set of Antena 3, Jaime Cantizano has pointed out: “They created such a unique humor that later they have not existed, imitators have not arrived who have been able to follow them. It is something very typical, very theirs. They have no heirs and imitation is not possible in the case of tricycle“. Furthermore, the group has pointed out that, throughout their entire history, they have made between 8,000 and 10,000 shows with millions of viewers live.

“There always comes a moment of a certain fatigue in any trade, no matter how much you like it. We thought that the 40 years was the round number, perfect, to say ‘up to here’. They have been touring around for many years and now we thought it was a good idea. Each one of us has his personal projects”, they have sentenced.

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