Vicky Martín Berrocal remembers when she dressed Uma Thurman and sends advice to Queen Letizia

Antena 3 broadcast this Wednesday, November 30, a new installment of Joaquin, the rookie. In this installment, the athlete took his first steps as a designer, and in that feat he had the help from Vicky Martín Berrocal.

This one, who reviewed her career, recalled the turning point that dressing the actress meant in her career Uma Thurman for the Campari Calendarone of the most prestigious in the world.

In that calendar, only Penelope Cruz had participated as a Spaniard. According to what she said, the designer enhanced the actress with a spectacular red tailed gown with flowers: “That bata de cola was the great piece of my life, it took me all over the world,” he said, with emotion.

The guest designed the piece after three years of doing flamenco fashion and it came to be exhibited at Harrods Stores. Looking ahead, she confessed that she would love dress up queen letizia and recommended that he bet more on Spanish brands than he currently does.

“Doña Sofía dressed as a flamenco dancer, but Letizia has not, she has never dressed as a flamenco dancer,” he pointed out. Furthermore, she said that He would love to dress the Italian actress Sohia Lorenwhich he said was “outrageous” and “the most sensual thing.”

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