Unemployment fell again in November by 33,521 people with the open debate on the calculation of discontinuous fixed

The month of November closes with a drop in unemployment of 33,512 people, the second largest drop in the last decade for a month of November, behind that of last year. This is revealed by the data published this Thursday by the Ministry of Labor, which show record declines in the historical series among women and young people. The total number of unemployed stands at 2,881,380 people, the lowest figure in a month of November since 2007, although the average affiliation to Social Security remains the same.

This is the second consecutive month of decline, with a drop that particularly affects female unemployment, which is the largest drop in the historical series for a month of November. Specifically, it decreased by 19,199 women compared to the previous month, to 1,727,559 unemployed, the lowest figure in a month of November since 2008. For their part, among men, the reduction is 14,313 (1.23%) compared to October, leaving a total of 1,153,821 unemployed.

Unemployment also slows down among young people, registering the lowest number of registered in the historical series in a month of November. The total number of unemployed under 25 years of age thus stands at 207,936which represents a decrease of 4,182 people compared to the previous month.

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