Twitter offers strong incentives to advertisers after many of them flee

Twitter is offering strong incentives for advertisers to increase their spend on the platform, after many companies have chosen to discontinue its advertising on the social network as a result of the changes introduced since its acquisition by Elon Musk. As reported on Thursday The Wall Street JournalTwitter has gone so far as to offer advertisers who commit to spending at least $500,000 ad space for another half a million dollars for free.

The company plan also includes promotions of this type, although with lower percentages, for advertisers with smaller investments, according to an email seen by the newspaper, which indicates that the offer is valid for operations that close until the end of this year. Since the purchase by Musk, many advertisers have chosen to reduce or stop their advertising spending on the platform due to the continuous ups and downs in management and the fear that their promises of less content moderation could end up damaging their brands.

The verified payment account system has also scared off some companies, who have seen how some users used this mechanism to impersonate their identity. By the end of November, and according to the US public radio network NPR, the bird network had already lost 50 of its top 100 advertisers, who had spent $750 million this year alone.

This week, Musk himself assured that Apple -the largest US company by market capitalization- had “threatened” to also withdraw its advertising and to remove the Twitter application from your app store. However, late on Wednesday Musk claimed to have had a good conversation with the technology’s chief executive, Tim Cook, in which several “misunderstandings” were clarified, including that of Twitter’s withdrawal from the App Store.

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