“They ask me a lot of stupid things at concerts”

Pablo Alborán was the guest of this Tuesday in the anthillwho attended the Antena 3 program to present his new and long-awaited album, The Fourth Sheetwhich will go on sale on December 2.

The artist announced that tickets for his 2023 tour with the songs from the new album were already on sale: “It is the first time that I am completely satisfied with an album”Alboran said.

Pablo Motos asked him about some anecdote with fans during the tours: “They ask me a lot of stupid things at concerts. I remember that in one in New York there was a lady in the front row with her husband,” the guest commented.

“She wouldn’t stop singing and dancing to the songs, but suddenly, the husband yelled at me to make his wife a child, that she wanted it with me and not with him“, recalled the artist.

In another concert, a curious anecdote also happened to him with a follower: “She had a poster saying that she wanted to sing a song because she wanted to dedicate it to her boyfriend. She went up and sang terrible”he remembered between laughs.

“What has been your greatest stroke of luck?” asked the Valencian. The singer replied that “the stroke of luck can be there every day. We live tied to the past, to the moments that were good, but I think that every day is an opportunity to have a stroke of luck.“.

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