The Prosecutor’s Office dismantles the idea that anyone can install a prefabricated house on rustic land

The installation of prefabricated houses in rural areas has increased in recent years due to a “legal vacuum” that allowed these types of houses to be installed on rustic land if they did not have the water, energy and waste supplies connected, as published by the newspaper The Economist.

But a few weeks ago, given the doubts raised by the public, the prosecutor of Environment Coordinator Room, Antonio Vercher, has sent a letter to the network of special prosecutors to clarify this issue. It warned sellers and buyers that the Installation of this type of eventual houses could even lead to prison sentences.

Thus, he emphasizes that the installation of prefabricated houses also requires the necessary permissions as “those made of brick and cement”.

On the facade of a house, the sign of an apartment that is for sale or rent.

In the letter they point out the coincident pronouncements of the “different courts which have been endorsed by various judgments of the Supreme Court”. Thus, the dwellings are subject to “urban planning permission and subsequent control”.

Are caravans governed by the same law?

The courts too have rejected the comparison between this type of prefabricated housing and caravans either mobile home.

“The jurisprudential trend is consistent with this position, which considers that any housing structure license requiredregardless of its fixation system”, they point out.

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