The magic of Christmas, from a market in Salzburg to a farm stay in Tyrol

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. The days before, the streets, with the lights and decorations, are filled with warmth despite the cold of winter and what we most want is enjoy quality time with ours, be they family or friends. Because the Christmas period is a time to share, to give and receive.

There are many regions in Europe that celebrate Christmas with special affection, but perhaps in Austria these weeks are especially picturesque. Christmas markets, snow, hot wine and hot chocolate… All these traditions create a truly enchanting atmosphere. What better way to soak up this atmosphere than to enjoy a getaway to two of the Austrian regions where Christmas is most celebrated?

Travel El Corte Inglés He makes it very easy with his special Christmas break packages to Tyrol and Salzburg. “The magic of Advent. Now yes”. Because if not now, when is there a better time to travel to Austria?

Advent in Tyrol

The Advent period in Tyrol is unmissable. From getting together to do crafts as a family around the fire, baking cookies (and then treating yourself to them), singing, telling stories… It’s all part of the great Tyrolean pre-Christmas tradition, which is kept from generation to generation with special care and is especially important in the farms of the area.

Advent is very special on the farms of Tyrol.
Advent is very special on the farms of Tyrol.
©Tirol Werbung/Michaela Grössinger

These Tyrolean farms are one of the great tourist attractions of the region and is not for less. Surrounded by nature, in the middle of a dreamy snowy landscape, with its rustic aesthetics and its fireplaces… More and more people are choosing these accommodations as their destination for the Christmas holidays, an ideal place to relax, disconnect and surround themselves with the family.

Another of the strengths of these farms is that they are usually close to ski and cross-country ski slopes, besides that they are a perfect place for children to enjoy activities in nature. Let’s not forget, either, the gastronomic theme: in these farms you will be able to enter the Christmas atmosphere with products, recipes and drinks of your own making.

Among other tourist attractions in Tyrol that can be discovered thanks to the Tirol program of Viajes El Corte Inglés They are the city of Innsbruck, in the heart of the Alps, with its famous Golden Roof; and castles, such as the Imperial Palace of Innsbruck or Landeck Castle. This program includes return flights, with arrival and origin in Munich, and accommodation in a typical Tyrolean farm for eight days and seven nights, with free time available and car rental included in the price.

Endless markets in Salzburg

The month of December is the month in which this Austrian city displays all its charm. The old town of Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage City, It becomes a fairy tale in which the carols, the Christmas atmosphere, the concerts, the culture and the nativity scenes are mixed with a romantic aura that have earned this city its place on the list of the best destinations in the world. to spend Christmas.

Salzburg is one of the best destinations in the world at Christmas.
Salzburg is one of the best destinations in the world at Christmas.
© Salzburg Tourismus GmbH

In the Mozart city, music is especially important at this time of year. The Salzburger Adventsingen Christmas Recital, Founded in 1946 by Tobi Reiser Sr., it is a good example of this. The four kilometers of the City Walks: Christmas in Salzburg guide complete this Christmas picture by visiting the corners of the best Christmas markets in the city, including visits to the most beautiful nativity scenes and the most interesting cultural exhibitions.

The Salzburger Christkindlmarkt, in the Plaza de la Catedral and the Plaza de la Residencia, it is a delight for all our senses, especially that of taste. In this market you can try the original “Haunsberger”, a hot bun with a filling of artisanal pork, mustard, sauerkraut, onion and curry and is only eaten at Christmas time. In addition to this recipe, dozens of them can be tried, as each stall at the Christkindlmarkt offers a particular delicacy.

Children will also enjoy Christmas like never before in Salzburg on December 24. The day of the birth of baby Jesus, German Christkind, this one brings gifts at night and visit the children at the Christkindlmarkt Christmas Market. The nativity scenes in the Salzburg churches represent nativity scenes dating from the Baroque era.

The program Christmas market in Salzburg, of Travel El Corte Inglés, includes a tour of four days and three nights throughout this city, with its attractions, to soak up the Austrian Christmas atmosphere. Accommodation in a four-star hotel and round-trip flights are included.

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