The City Council of Úbeda withdraws a video financed by Equality that presents a retired police officer as an abuser

The City Council of Úbeda (Jaén) has withdrawn a video broadcast as part of a campaign against gender violence, following a public complaint from the majority police union, JUPOL, which has shown its “strongest rejection” of some images in which the figure of a retired policeman is used as an abuser and murderer of women.

The video, titled Sweet poison, disseminated by the City Council of Úbeda and financed by the Ministry of Equality, It features the rapper Skalo and Salvattore, and tells the story of a woman who is mistreated and whose ex-partner, who is identified in the video as a “retired police officer”, ends up murdering her.

Xunta 25N campaign.

In JUPOL’s opinion, the video is “a new lack of respect from the Government of Spain towards the members of the State Security Forces and Corps, which adds to the multiple displays of contempt that this Government has already carried out against the National Police”.

The general secretary of JUPOL, Aarón Rivero, demanded “immediate withdrawal of the advertising campaign in all the media and channels through which it has been disseminated, as well as a public appearance by the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero”.

The union asks that Montero publicly apologize to all the members of the State Security Forces and Corps and thus repair “the image and honor of the National Police”.

The mayor apologizes

Úbeda City Council has contacted JUPOL in the last few hours to apologize for the dissemination of the video, and has promised to social media campaign withdrawal City Hall and in the local media.

For her part, the mayoress of Úbeda, Antonia Olivares (PSOE), has also personally apologized to the Security Forces, “because we understand and it cannot be otherwise, since this council has been collaborating with them for years,” he said.

The mayoress explained that in this campaign “artistic freedom has prevailed.” “It is a beautiful video, with impressive creativity and with a certainty in the speech, but it is true that at the end of the video the abuser’s job is discussed, and that is what this City Council did not fall into at the time, “he said. “You shouldn’t have put any job period,” he added.

Irene Montero intervenes during the plenary session in the Congress of Deputies.

“What you have to see is the work we do daily with women’s collectives in the city of Úbeda, with the rest of the institutions, with the State Security Forces and Bodies”, highlighted Olivares, while praising the work of both the National and Local Police and the Civil Guard: “We know how they work and how rigorous they are, the seriousness they have and I think they shouldn’t have appeared in the video either,” he said.

The general secretary of JUPOL valued “the great work” that the Family and Women Care Units have been carrying out (UFAM), which since 2015 has been in charge of providing a comprehensive police service in the field of family and women at the national level, and assured that “they work two hundred percent every day to give impeccable treatment to the victims , solve their problems and provide them with the best possible protection”.

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