“That the program is a ‘show’ we all know, because otherwise it would be boring”

Radio, television, music or dance are some of the places where Lorena Castell has shown that she moves well. However, until now, not even she herself knew that cooking was also one of her strengths, and now the trophy of seventh winner of MasterChef Celebrity it will be remembered forever.

After the elimination of Patricia Conde (fourth finalist) and María Escoté (third), the talent RTVE culinary broadcast its final test, where the collaborator of zapping he won the victory against Manu Baqueiro.

The tension experienced during the grand finale, which was divided and issued in two days for the first timeculminated on Tuesday with Lorena Castell taking the title of seventh MasterChef Celebritywhich brought him, in addition to the trophy, a weekend creative cooking course at the Basque Culinary Center and 75,000 euros that he donated to the NGO Juegaterapia.

Lorena Castell hugs her mother, with her brother behind her and her boyfriend beyond.

After the first program, which is a bit of a contact with the format, did you imagine that you could win?The truth is that no, but when we got to program 7 or so I saw not only that I was doing well, but also that I was liking it. So yeah, why not? When you are clear that, if you set your mind to something, you are capable of achieving it, you go for it and you are just as stubborn or stubborn as me, you achieve it.

She says she was the queen of cans and the microwave. How has the effort been off camera to go from that title to the winner?Many hours in the kitchen, spend a lot of free time and adjust the schedule a lot to combine it with other jobs, because in the end there have been three months in which I have not stopped at zappingor in vodafone yu, which at that time was still the radio program. And instead of having two days off on the weekend, she only had one, because the chef he was working with came on the other. If you really want to go one step further, you have to push yourself. It is a program that requires a lot of commitment and, above all, a lot of demands on yourself.

What chef did you work with?With Mar Orozco. Miki Nadal passed it to me, as well. It’s the only thing he’s done right, handing me over to the chef. She is going to become the star, everyone is going to want to hire her to see if she wins masterchef. At least it has brought luck to both of us who are in zapping.

After the time that has passed since you recorded the final, has your relationship with cooking changed?Yes, because right now I realize that I am capable of cooking many more things, although it is true that I still have little time. I cook the same but, instead of microwave, at low temperature. Since I already bought everything, the roner, the siphon, the gelling agents that were needed… I have all of this at home and, from time to time, I feel like doing alchemy (laughs).

Do you cook for your mother or do you keep giving tupperware?My mother keeps giving me tupperware, but from time to time I also cook. Now the two things are combined. It is that you can never say no to tupperware of a mother.

Was her mother confident that she could be the winner?My mother knew everything she was working on at home and saw that she could have many possibilities. Those who know me saw how I started, the dishes that they were trying and that I was improving during the course of the program, and they realized that I had possibilities. Deep down she has not missed them. All the programs in which I have done things have not been bad for me, at least so far. In all of them I have been in quite a good position, although this is the first one that I have won.

In the dessert of her final menu, she said that the dome represented the barrier that her boyfriend, Rubén Bernal, has known how to break to meet the Lorena that only her family knows. How is that Lorraine?What I said is totally true, but it is also true that in this program people have been able to see that Lorena from outside and inside the dome. The good thing that she has masterchef is that it is not only a talent cooking, which is very cool because it has challenged all of us to become better cooks, but also has a part reality. They start recording and there is no script, there is truth. You see what is happening: the conversations that are happening between colleagues, the tension, the anger, the laughter, the horrible dishes… It’s also cool that they take you out of your comfort zone a bit and that people see a hard-working Lorena, crazy, singing all day, very heavy with the same subject, a person who gets mad with Norma Duval in the kitchen but later reconciles… You go through all the situations you would go through in your life, but on top of that they are televised . So now people know me a little more.

For the spectators, it was a surprise that his son Rio was in the final duel. What was it like having him there?It was a surprise for me too, I didn’t know it was there! I didn’t expect it, because since I don’t usually get him on networks or anything. He thought that he had stayed home with my father, and when I saw the two of them, I was amazed. I had the whole family: my father, my mother, my brother, my boy and my son. So what more can I ask for?

And now that you have had this experience, who would you encourage to sign up?To all the people who ask me I am going to tell them to go, because I think it is a hilarious program. It is an experience that, although it is true that you have to be prepared because it exhausts you physically and mentally, it gives you incredible moments. You meet new people, travel companions… It’s really cool. If you are a sugar cane and you like to live new experiences a little, it seems perfect to me.

Would she tell her boyfriend?Man yeah. If Rubén wanted to do the casting, would be wonderful. Let him learn to cook too!

And of ZapenadoDo you see Dani Mateo there?Man, Dani Mateo, if I wanted to…! Or Quique Peinado too. What happens is that his classmates casting that year they should be afraid, because we are already seeing that those of zapping we are very powerful

In zapping They are going to make a complete table of winners of MasterChef Celebrity. Cristina Pedroche is missing, she will have to sign up.‘La Pedro’ could sign up. What happens is that I think he likes eating more than cooking. She has already said it on occasion.

With Norma Duval you had a fight in the kitchen, but is your relationship outside good?Outside it was very good before the program and it is now, because everything is already discussed. What happened in the kitchen stayed there. And if we were to cook together again, the exact same thing would happen to us again because we are both very temperamental. But the reality is that we are two people who have many things in common and who love each other. I message with her and everything is fine.

“If someone else from ‘Zapeando’ competes, their colleagues should be afraid, because we are already seeing that we are very powerful”

This end of masterchef It has been atypical, since it is the first time that it is divided into two days.
I think it’s great because I’ve been able to enjoy it better both days that way, really. Sometimes he said ‘oh, how late it ends’, as half of Spain has said. I think that splitting it is very cool, because that’s how they keep us hooked on masterchef.

Although you were not in the outdoor test, did you see what happened with Patricia Conde?Yes, I have read what you have written, I have read how you feel. I think this program is very personal, everyone lives it in their own way, and she has lived it that way. I can’t share the same thing, but I can understand her, because she said that she was tired and that she was sleepy, and it’s true that we are very exhausted. Everyone is not at the same moment and responding like this is very personal. My experience has been extraordinary, I’ve had an incredible time, I’ve had a moment of fatigue, but not a slump, or throw in the towel, because I’ve wanted to reach the final all the time. Each personality is different and leads you to think and approach things in a different way, so I can tell you my reality.

Then she posted a post on Instagram in which he said he alluded to “it’s television and it’s not real”, a publication that he later edited.
It’s just that I don’t really know what he deleted, because I didn’t read it the first time, so I can’t answer you. But what is a Show we all know. In the end, you’re going to have fun. I am the same with cameras and without cameras, just as heavy, just as singing, I don’t shut up… There is indeed a truth, it’s just that it’s been us all along. And it is a program in which there is a show, because otherwise it would be very boring, there has to be a bit of everything. That’s also why I think it’s cool that the casting be very different, because otherwise it would be a pain in the ass. I guess when they decide what the profiles are, they also think that people are going to act one way or another and all the reactions can be different. I think everything is fine, everything is acceptable and I understand that everyone has their own way of experiencing history.

Patricia Conde and Jordi Cruz, in 'MasterChef Celebrity'.

In addition to MasterChef Celebrity Y zappingis with ladies bingo.Yes. We started in February of this year and I am lucky to be able to say that we have filled the capacity in all the gigs. And we have set the dates for 2023, as we are residents of Florida Park in Madrid, and the first two shows they are almost sold out. I am very very happy. Now all that remains is for my vedette show 2.0 of ladies bingo come one day Norma Duval.

Would you encourage another program?It doesn’t resist me for a while, what happens is that now, I’ve just finished this one and I’m coming from another not long ago (The challenge), I am going to dedicate myself, to live. I am going to study very well the things that are coming, because many are coming. But hey, I want to be calm and enjoy my people right now and the good things that are yet to come.

Do you already have projects in hand?Many things come and not only from TV. There are many very cool and very fun projects, so I want to choose them calmly and enjoy them. You still can’t know anything at the moment, I’m María Misterios.

As an artist who has participated in the Eurovision 2008 pre-selection, would you present yourself again?Well, I don’t know, you never know. You have asked me a lot. They didn’t take me to Benidorm, they took me to a gala on a TVE set, and they discarded me for Chikilicuatre. I can ask for a second chance, why not? Leave it as a headline: ‘Why not? Will Lorena C return?’. I don’t know if like Lorena C, the queen of perreo is back anyway. I just don’t know, you have to reinvent yourself.

Maybe like the queen of cans and microwaves.Yes, yes, the same thing I appear on stage inside a can of preserves, you never know. As they say I keep myself so well (laughs).

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