Spain wants to beat Japan to close its ticket for the round of 16

Spain cannot speculate this Thursday (20 hours) against Japan. Despite the fact that a draw is worth it and that even defeat could serve to qualify, the risk is too high and for this reason La Roja It’s time to go all out to certify the ticket for the eighth World Cup final. Thus, neither will there be large rotations nor will they think about which crosses are better: Luis Enrique’s men will go out to win from minute 1.

How to face the clash against the Japanese was a question that was – and for many, continues to be – up in the air. On the one hand, there is the issue of reserving players. Busquets has been on him for many minutes this season and also if he sees another yellow card he will be penalized without being able to play in the round of 16. And the two eleven against Costa Rica and Germany have been almost the same (only the right side has changed). Today’s game could be seen as a good opportunity to balance efforts; and on the other is the issue of crosses. The side of the draw if they pass as second seems, a priori, more affordable than if they go first, with Brazil on the horizon of a hypothetical quarterfinal.


These factors are perfectly known by the coach, and the debate has existed within the Red. And Luis Enrique has admitted it… and he has also settled it: “We too we have asked ourselves the same question and have reflected, but from a professional point of view, imagine that we are speculating because we are interested in going second and the two games are tied 0-0 in the 90th minute but Japan and Costa Rica score in the 95th minute. You have speculated to be eliminated in fifteen seconds”, explained the Spaniard.

“If you are convinced that your team is very good, you want to finish first, it means playing against whoever it is in the round of 16 and in the quarterfinals. If it has to be Brazil, then we will play against them, but first we have to beat Japan,” the coach stated emphatically. Spanish.

Thus, the idea of ​​protecting Busquets is discarded, more with Rodri and Gavi touched and being a doubt for the game against Japan, although This Wednesday they exercised with the group. Up top, Álvaro Morata could enter, while Eric García has options to make his debut in the center of defense. “There is still a training session to be able to decide the line-up, but we are not going to speculate with any player, there is nothing to protect,” Lucho assured before the afternoon session.

For his part, Japan arrives after giving the big surprise in the opening daywith a huge comeback against Germany (2-1), but with the downturn caused by their defeat against Costa Rica. And the Japanese cannot speculate, because if Germany beat Costa Rica – something that seems likely – they will need to win to qualify. The big doubt is Take Kubo, with discomfort, in a team that makes intensity his great virtue. Reaching the round of 16, as in the past two World Cups, is his great challenge.

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