Sánchez defends the appointment of Campo to the TC and accuses the PP of “being outside the Constitution”

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has defended the “suitability” of the appointments of Juan Carlos Campo and Laura Díez, both former senior executive officials, as new magistrates of the Constitutional Court. Faced with criticism from the PP, Sánchez has gone on the attack and has accused the ‘popular’ of “being outside the Constitution” for “blocking” the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and the court of guarantees.

“Indeed, the Government has proceeded to appoint the two Constitutional magistrates that correspond to it by virtue of article 59.1 of the Constitution,” Sánchez launched from his seat in the Congress of Deputies this Wednesday, minutes after Cuca Gamarra, spokesperson for the PP, predicted that “it will go down in history for being a government that he named himself magistrate of the Constitutional Court”.

The minister spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, and that of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

The head of the Executive has indicated that it is “democratic” that the PP rejects the appointments, which it has insisted on labeling as “suitable” for “such high responsibility”. Similar words were used yesterday by Félix Bolaños. The Minister of the Presidency assured that both Campo, former Minister of Justice, and Díez, former Director General of Constitutional Affairs and Legal Coordination. “These two candidates meet the suitability requirements” set, said Bolaños, who recalled that “be Spanish, be a lawyer, have 15 years of experience and a recognized judicial competence”.

Gamarra, for his part, has taken advantage of the appointments, which must now be ratified by the TC itself, to say that the Government is “a coalition of particular interests, whose main beneficiary” is Sánchez. “The State Attorney General, his Minister of Justice; the magistrate of the TC; his Minister of Justice; President of the Council of State, its Minister of Labor; the director of the CNI, the chief of staff of his Minister of Defense; the president of the Post Office, her chief of staff; the president of the CIS, secretary of the Program of his PSOE”, has listed the popular spokesperson to point out that “this” is “the social majority of the president”.

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