Rodrigo Rato’s sister dies after choking in a restaurant in Madrid

Rodrigo Rato’s sister died this Tuesday after choking in a restaurant in Madrid, on Velázquez street. María Ángeles Rato, who was 80 years old, was accompanied by two people when he has choked and, despite the fact that the emergency services have come as soon as possible, they have not been able to save his lifeas reported by the Chain Being.

The health services have verified that the woman had gone into cardiorespiratory arrest and they have not been able to revive her. The family has not yet made any statement. about the death.

Rodrigo Rato

María Ángeles Rato was the second of three siblings that made up the family. She was known for founding the Association of Antique Dealers of Madridof which she was president from 1989 to 1993. She also directed Itálica, an exclusive furniture store in Madrid.

It has been a great defender of his brother Rodrigo who was accused of money launderingcorruption in the case of the Partido Popular black cards and tax crimes.

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