Risto Mejide, speechless when receiving the most unexpected surprise for his birthday in ‘Got Talent’

Telecinco broadcast this Tuesday, November 29, the second semifinal of got talent. In it, which was recorded live, the program team wanted a surprise for Risto Mejide, because he turned 48 years old.

For this reason, the public sang happy birthday to him and, right after, he received the most unexpected surprise from the hand of Santi Millán, presenter of the format: “Today, on your birthday, something is presented in society in which you say you’ve been working for a long time“he said, just before unveiling the publisher’s latest book.

“I’m freaking out… I don’t like anything you’ve done, but this is the most important project of my life, the first historical novel that I am going to publish. I knew what the cover was, but not that it was going to be made public on the show. It is a very personal story, it talks about all the people who have fallen in love with whom, in theory, should not fall in love“said Mejide, visibly moved and in a clear allusion to Laura Escanes.

So, Alberto de Paz, runner-up in the contest’s debut, sat down at the piano to mix three pieces, including happy birthday. “I thought it was a work of arttalent is shown in these things”, assessed Mejide.

To finish, Risto wanted to address Paula Echevarría, Daniel Martinez and Edurne to thank them for the gesture: “This year, my colleagues have been very important to me“, said.

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