Margarita Robles reiterates in Odessa, in the midst of a wave of explosive packages, Spain’s support “without reservations” for Ukraine

Spain has provided Ukraine in recent days the “largest package of defense materiel to date”announced this Thursday in the Ukrainian city of Odesa the Spanish Defense Minister, Margarita Robles.

This week, the Spanish Ministry of Defense has delivered heavy weaponry, long-range and anti-tank ammunition to the logistics center in Poland for the reception of weapons destined for Ukraine, Robles said, according to a statement from his department.

The minister, who met in that southern Ukrainian city with his counterpart Oleksii Reznikovadded that this package is complemented by three electric generators, medical material and 30 pallets and seven containers with uniforms and equipment against the cold.

“Ukraine not only protects its sovereignty and territorial integrity, but all of Europe, the civilized world and democratic values”

The Spanish Defense Minister reiterated from the Ukrainian city of Odesa the “unreserved” support for Ukraine and the “commitment” of Spainof the European Union (EU) and of NATO with that country in the face of Russian aggression.

“The fundamental objective of my visit is signal the commitment of Spain, which is the commitment of all the countries of the EU and NATO with Ukraine and with the Ukrainian people,” Robles said in a joint appearance with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov.

“Ukraine not only protects its sovereignty and territorial integrity, but to all of Europe, to the civilized world and to democratic valuesadded Robles, who traveled to Odessa by road from neighboring Moldova.

The minister stressed that the Spanish Government is constantly coordinating its position with that of NATO and the EU and in this regard supports “without reservations” the struggle in Ukraine for its territorial integrity.

The Secretary of State for Security, Rafael PĂ©rez

Regarding the Ukrainian request for more air defense systems to defend cities like Odesa from Russian missile attacks, Robles stated that the government is “absolutely aware” that these are a “priority” for kyiv at this time.

Shipments with the “maximum discretion”

“We will do our best to provide the relevant systems based on our stock, but the delivery of these systems should be confidential and follow the relevant protocols,” Robles clarified, who called for “maximum prudence and maximum discretion.”

Oleksii Reznikov thanked Robles for providing a new military aid package sent by Spain to “increase the capabilities” of the Ukrainian Army, although he did not want to go into details about its contents.

Reznikov stressed that Spain was “the first” to respond to requests for air defense systems after the wave of Russian attacks against Ukrainian infrastructures and advanced that kyiv will receive “soon” the Hawk systems promised by its “Spanish friends”.

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