“Long live women and long live free love!”

Among so many musicians who have said ‘no’ to perform at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Omar Montes has been one of the artists who has accepted the invitation to Qatar. However, far from remaining silent, this Wednesday he took advantage of the closure of his concert in Doha to launch a message in favor of discriminated groups.

At the end of his performance in support of the Spanish team, and to the cry of “long live Spain”, the rapper has claimed the personal freedom of each citizen, regardless of the group to which they belong.

“Let each one go with whoever they want”, has expressed, and has pronounced a “long live” for women, the gypsies and for Spain. Dressed in Qatari clothing, Montes has thus added to the reproaches that the tournament has received for months for being held in a place where, as so many denounce, no work is done for human rights.

In an interview with 20 minutes, the singer explained that he had accepted his invitation to go on stage solely for supporting ‘La Roja’.

“If you go because Qatar calls you, and you share his thoughts, you are very screwed because there things are bad. But if your team calls you to go support it, because it needs you and they’re excited that you’re going to sing, and you do it without any malice, for them and because you’re excited to see your favorite players playing in a World Cup, then yes (you have to go)”, valued.

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