Last minute of the Spanish film awards

the actresses Nora Navas Y Blanca Portillo have announced the nominations for the 37th edition of the Goya Awards at a ceremony at the Film Academy.

so beasts, of Rodrigo Sorogoyen, part as the favorite with 17 nominations, one more than Model 77, of Alberto Rodriguez, who has achieved 16. They are followed Alcarràs, of Carla Simon, Y five little wolves, of Alauda Ruiz de Azua, with 11 nominations each. It will be an edition of the Spanish film awards marked by the generational change within the industry, with Alberto Rodríguez as the oldest veteran.

We must also highlight the significant female presence in the main categories: three films directed by women (Alcarràs, Five wolves, The maternal) compete for the highest award, there are three female directors (Carlota Pereda, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, Elena López Riera) for best new director and two (Carla Simon, Pilar Palomero) in a better direction.

This is the complete list of Goya 2023 nominations:

Best film


as beasts

five little wolves

the maternal

model 77

best direction

Carla Simon (Alcarràs)

Rodrigo Sorogoyen (As beasts)

Pilar Palomero (The motherly)

Carlos Vermouth (Manticore)

alberto rodriguez (Model 77)

Best Leading Actress

Marina Fois (As beasts)

Laia Costa (Five little wolves)

Anna Castillo (Wild Sunflowers)

Barbara Lennie (The crooked lines of God)

Vicky Luengo (Sure)

Best Leading Actor

Denis Menochet (As beasts)

Luis Tosar (in the margins)

Nacho Sanchez (Manticore)

Javier Gutierrez (Model 77)

Miguel Herran (Model 77)

Best Supporting Actress

Marie Colomb (As beasts)

carmen machi (little pig)

Susi Sanchez (Five little wolves)

Penelope Cruz (in the margins)

angela cervantes (The motherly)

Best Supporting Actor

Diego Anido (As beasts)

Luis Zahera (As beasts)

Ramon Barea (Five little wolves)

Fernando Tejero (Model 77)

Jesus Carroza (Model 77)

Best New Actress

Anna Otin (Alcarràs)

Laura Galan (little pig)

luna pamies (Water)

Valeria Sorolla (Spring consecration)

zoe stein (Manticore)

Best New Actor

Albert Bosch (Alcarrás)

Jordi Pujol Dolcet (Alcarrás)

Mikel Bustamante (Five little wolves)

Christian Czech (in the margins)

Telmo Irureta (Spring consecration)

Best New Director

Charlotte Pereda (little pig)

Alauda Ruiz de Azua (Five little wolves)

Elena Lopez Riera (Water)

Juan Diego Botto (in the margins)

Mikel Gurrea (Sure)

Best Original Screenplay

Arnau Vilaró & Carla Simón (Alcarrás)

Isabel Peña & Rodrigo Sorogoyen (As beasts)

Alauda Ruiz de Azua (Five little wolves)

Carlos Vermouth (Manticore)

Alberto Rodriguez & Rafael Cobos (Model 77)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Charlotte Pereda (little pig)

Paul Urkijo Alijo (Irati)

Guillem Clua & Oriol Paulo (The crooked lines of God)

David Muñoz & Felix Viscarret (Don’t look in the eyes)

Fran Araujo, Isa Campo & Isaki Lacuesta (One year, one night)

best cinematography

Daniela Cajías (Alcarrás)

Alex de Pablo (As beasts)

Jon D. Dominguez (Five little wolves)

Arnau Valls Colomer (official competition)

Álex Catalan (Model 77)

best mount

Ana Pfaff (Alcarràs)

Alberto del Campo (As beasts)

Andres Gil (Five little wolves)

Jose MG Moyano (Model 77)

Fernando Franco & Sergi Dies (One year, one night)

best original music

Olivier Arson (As bestas)

Aránzazu Calleja & Maite Arroitajauregi (Irati)

Iván Palomares (The Crystal Girls)

Fernando Velázquez (The crooked lines of God)

Julio de la Rosa (Model 77)

best original song

In the margins (Eduardo Cruz, María Rozalén)

Izena duena bada (Aránzazu Calleja, Maite Arroitajauregi ‘Mursego’, Paulo Urkijo)

A paradise in the south (Paloma Peñarrubia Ruiz, Vanesa Benítez Zamora)

Feeling it a lot

Battle (Joseba Beristain)

better sound


as beasts

five little wolves

model 77

one year, one night

best art direction


as beasts


The crooked lines of God

model 77

Best Costume Design

as beasts



The crooked lines of God

model 77


Best makeup and hairstyling

as beasts

little pig


The crooked lines of God

model 77

best special effects

13 exorcisms

as beasts



model 77

best production direction


as beasts

little pig

five little wolves

model 77

best documentary film

To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga

El sostre groc (The yellow roof)

Labordeta, a man without more

Oswald. the forger

Feeling it a lot

best animated film

Black is Beltza II: Ainhoa

Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow

The mud demons (We give you mud)

Tadeo Jones 3. The emerald table

Unicorn Wars

Best Ibero-American film

1976 (Manuela Marteri; Chile)

Argentina, 1985 (Santiago Mitre; Argentina)

The pack (Andrés Ramírez Pulido; Colombia)

Night of fire (Tatiana Güezo; Mexico)

Utama (Alejandro Luaza; Bolivia)

Best European Film

Belfast (Kenneth Branagh; UK)

It was the hand of God (Paolo Sorrentino; Italy)

The worst person in the world (Joachim Trier; Norway)

Lost Illusions (France)

A small world (Belgium)

Best Fiction Short Film

Emotional Architecture 1959 (Elías León Siminiani)





Best documentary short

Dancing with Rose

the gàbia

Damn. A Love Song to Sarajevo

Memory (Nerea Barros)

Traces of the soul (Rafa Arroyo)

Best animated short film

The longest night dawns

tied up

the first thing

spring always comes back

Loop (Pablo Polledri)

When are the Goya 2023 held?

The delivery ceremony of the 37th edition of the Goya Awards will take place on February 11, 2023 at the Palacio de Congresos in Seville. will be the actors Antonio de la Torre Y clear lake who present the gala debuting in such a delicate position, after last year’s experiment with a show without official presenters.

The Goyas return to Seville after having held their 2019 edition there, in which champions was crowned as best film and The kingdom swept seven awards. Since then, the biggest Spanish film awards have had two editions in Malaga and one in Valencia before returning to the Seville capital.

Carlos Saura He will be awarded the Goya de Honor that same day in recognition of his more than sixty years of experience with essential titles in the history of Spanish cinema such as the gulfs (1960), The hunt (1966), peppermit frappe (1967), Ana and the wolves (1973), Cousin Angelica (1974), Breeding ravens (1976), hurry up (1981), Ay Carmela! (1990) or Flemish (1995), among many others.

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