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The economic newspaper of HENNEO,, has delivered this Thursday night at the Rafael del Pino Auditorium in Madrid the Leaders Awards 2022. The awards have been granted to the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete; the CEO of Acciona Energía, Rafael Mateo Alcalá, and the co-founder and CEO of Wallbox, Enric Asunción.

“World-renowned individuals and entities”, said the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero. At the closing of this economic meeting, she stressed that “companies and the Government play on the same team”, since they want the GDP to grow, the country to gain in productivity and quality employment to be created.

For his part, the president of HENNEO, Fernando de Yarza, has shown himself convinced of the need to support the companies. “We can only get out of this crisis supporting companies, the self-employed and entrepreneurs and objectively managing the European Next Generation funds, to accelerate the necessary transformation of our country’s productive model, which allows us to generate wealth, and then distribute it with criteria of justice and equity”, he stated.

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De Yarza has vindicated in the appointment the important role of businessmen who “They seek profitability, but not at all costs”. “For most, their main drivers is to generate employment and wealth for society, often in exchange for risking their assets and filling their lives with worries and problems,” he asserted.

three winners

In this edition, the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, has received the Business Leader of the Year Award for “his talent, leadership and excellent, serene and rigorous management”, which he has developed throughout his professional career.

The Leader of the Year Award in Sustainable Investment has gone to Rafael Mateo AlcaláCEO of Acciona Energía, and his commitment to generating green, profitable and safe energy.

At the same time, enric asuncionco-founder and CEO of Wallbox, has been awarded the Innovation Leader of the Year Award for its revolutionary energy solutions for fast charging of electric vehicles.

New logo

In addition, the new logo was presented at the event, which also launches a new web design. “More in line with the seriousness and rigor of quality economic information”, explained its director, Fernando Pastor. “The objective is to make ourselves indispensable in the lives of all those interested in the world of the economy and business, a fact that is achieved with a team of professionals who revere good journalism and who are committed to their own, useful and innovative information” , has added.

In its barely five years of life at HENNEO, has become a reference medium for the sector. In fact, it is currently the second economic newspaper with the largest audience in Spain.

The event, sponsored by Cepsa, Fundación la Caixa, Banco Santander, Úbico Coporate Mobility and Unicaja, was also attended by the Secretary of State for the Economy, Gonzalo García Andrés; the CEO of HENNEO, Íñigo de Yarza; the president of, Marisa Navas; the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi; the president of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), Alejandra Kindelán, and other personalities from the political and business world.

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