Joaquín Sánchez is excited to see his wife in a dress designed by himself

This Wednesday, November 30, Antena 3 broadcast a new installment of Joaquin, the rookie. In this installment, the athlete took his first steps as a designer, and In this feat he had the help of Vicky Martín Berrocal.

This put all the knowledge acquired to design something for his wife with the athlete. “It is inspired by our life”the soccer player told his wife when he saw the suit.

Both she and her daughters stayed open-mouthed to see what Joaquín had created, who was “nervous”. Later, when his partner had already tried on the dress, the footballer raised his hands to his face and was unable to contain his emotion.

In fact, he said that his wife, dressed in a suit signed by himself, “was an angel.” Later, the soccer player came to help her wife, who was hallucinated with the dress they had designed for her: “I have freaked out,” she assessed. “Tears have come to my eyes,” said Vicky Martín Berrocal.

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