“I have not come from the monkey”

The Brazilian samba was the protagonist of the appointment between Sana and Adriano this Tuesday in First Dates. Both diners, from Brazil, met at Cuatro’s premises.

The first to arrive was the mixologist, who commented in his presentation that he loved to take care of himself: “I really like to play sports. If I’m not in the gym, I’m playing paddle tennis”said the Brazilian.

Next came his compatriot, Sana, a flight attendant based in Madrid: “I love shopping, partying, going out to dinner, meeting people…”he admitted.

Carlos Sobera was impressed upon arrival: “I am receiving a model for another model, what a barbarity!”. But she indicated that “any man is not good for me, I need something more than a date.”

As soon as they met, they both liked each other a lot, as they hinted while the host of the program introduced them: “I like blond boys with blue eyes”Sana commented on their date.

Sana and Adriano, in 'First Dates'.
Sana and Adriano, in ‘First Dates’.

The two moved to the table where they got to know each other a bit more while enjoying dinner.commenting where they lived and what they did.

At one point in the evening, they began to talk about the signs of the zodiac and Sana commented that she was an evangelical Christian, while Adriano told her that he was, too..

“I like it better now!” exclaimed the Brazilian, and the cocktail bartender pointed out that “With all the respect in the world, a person who doesn’t believe in God, what does he live on? Air?”.

She assured that she agreed with him because “The Spanish do not believe in anything, they think that we have come from the monkey. What is that? Are we crazy or what? I have not come from the monkey”she commented very convinced.

In the end, Sana did want to have a second date with Adriano because “I really liked him, he’s just the man I was looking for”. The Brazilian, for his part, agreed with his compatriot in being back.

Adriano and Sana, in 'First Dates'.
Adriano and Sana, in ‘First Dates’.

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