“I don’t think they greeted each other”

Shakira and Gerard Pique They met again this Thursday before a judge to approve the separation agreement which they arrived a few days ago. The ex-partner arrived separately at the Court of First Instance and Family No. 18 of Barcelona at first hour of the morning.

The former soccer player did it with a cap and the artist, for her part, with some big sunglasses.

Serious and accompanied by their lawyers, they have been targeted by the cameras that were waiting for them nearby, where they did not want to make statements.

I hammered, in the courts.
I hammered, in the courts.

The one who has done them has been the ex-sportsman’s lawyer. “From now on, wait for the sentence once the prosecutor approves the agreement. The meeting has been very correct, everything has been normal. By law it is necessary to do it separately,” he told the media.

Asked about their relationship, he said: “I don’t know if they have greeted each other, but I don’t think so. They are both calmer and more relaxed thinking about their children.”

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