How many inhabitants does your municipality have? What sex are they? How many are foreigners? Check it out in this search engine

the INE published this Wednesday the Housing and Population Census for 2021 and the main highly detailed variables are offered and refer to the Spanish population that as of January 1, 2021, it stood at 47,400,798 inhabitants.

The evolution of the population in the last 10 years has been uneven in the national territory. By autonomous communitiesIlles Balears (7.5%), Comunidad de Madrid (4.7%) and Canarias (4.6%) presented the highest increases in relative terms, while Castilla y León (–6.1%), Principality of Asturias (–5.9%) and Extremadura (–3.9%) have been the ones that have lost the most population.

In this search engine you can find the characteristics of each of the municipalities

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