“He’s using winter as a weapon”

Winter is punishing Ukraine and Putin is taking advantage of it. Meanwhile, NATO warns: the russian president wants to freeze the ukrainians to death. The Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance said Tuesday that the Kremlin “is trying to weaponize winter” to force Ukrainians “to freeze or flee.” The Norwegian leader was very emphatic after the meeting of the allies’ foreign ministers in Bucharest, where support for kyiv was reaffirmed. “This trying to break the will of the brave Ukrainian people and to divide to all of us who support him,” he said of Putin.

In addition, the countries that are part of NATO They pledged on Tuesday to continue supporting Ukraine “as long as it takes”, also with support to repair the energy infrastructure, and assured that they will not “go backwards.” The wave of Russian attacks against civilian attacks reflects that Russia is failing on the battlefield, the Norwegian prime minister has reflected, affirming that Putin attacks infrastructures in response to the successes of the Ukrainian Army, which has liberated “a lot of territory”.

About military support Stoltenberg has explained that there are negotiations underway to provide new anti-aircraft systems, a debate that has gained even more relevance due to the incident registered in Poland with a Ukrainian missile that reached the allied territory killing two people. For Stoltenberg, it is not a question of giving kyiv new systems, such as the Patriot batteries that until now the allies have not deployed in Ukraine, but of guaranteeing that the existing ones have enough ammunition and components to be operational.

Ukraine, completely dark as seen from space.

In a statement after the meeting, which has had the presence of Sweden and Finland as guests while their accession is processed, the allies sand pledge to “continue and intensify” political and practical support for Ukraine while continuing to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression and maintain support “for as long as it takes.”

“Allies will help Ukraine to repair its energy infrastructure and protect its population from missile attacks. We also remain determined to support Ukraine’s long-term efforts on its path of post-war reconstruction and reforms, so that Ukraine can secure its free and democratic future, modernize its defense sector, strengthen long-term interoperability, and deter future aggression.” , has indicated the text.

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