“He embodies the man whose moral and intellectual smallness does not prevent him from achieving success”

After the Pablo Motos’s response to the campaign of the Ministry of Equality, in which they seemed to refer to some of his uncomfortable questions, the presenter continues to receive criticism. And the last of them has been from Pablo Iglesias himself.

The Valencian broadcasted part of the announcement in the anthill Y showed the interview with Elsa Pataky to which, supposedly, he was referring to try to show that the context justified that question and that he was not sexist with her. Furthermore, he showed that he had asked that question of other male guests.

However, after this intervention, the networks were filled with other fragments of his program in which he did other types of questions and had gestures and attitudes that have been branded as macho. In fact, many assured that their production company began to denounce these tweets so that they would not go viral, but they spread anyway.

Rayden at a concert in Madrid.

For this reason, the presenter seems to continue at the center of the controversy and has received comments of all kinds, including some guests as Virginia Maestro, winner of TO 2008 to which Motos asked about her cleavage. “It was sexist, violent, uncomfortableseedy, embarrassing and very pitiful,” she described.

This week, the last to speak about what happened to the driver of the anthill has been Pablo Iglesias in its column in the magazine Context and Action.

Motos is a much more relevant ideological actor even than figures like Ana Rosa or Griso“, he opined. “He is basically the facha who embodies the brother-in-law of dwarfed masculinities in Spain. Motos is a symbol and a reference for men who look or feel small.”

“Motos embodies the success of the man whose intellectual and moral smallness does not prevent him from achieving success, which for that community basically means pasta and pibones,” said Pablo Iglesias. “Like any man who is proud of himself, he could have done well […] but, this time, a noose was placed around his own neck.”

It sparked a #MeToo movement that erupted against dandy machismo of the little men that Motos has been representing for years,” he said. “Atresmedia’s desperate attempts to eliminate the videos […] they have achieved that Pablo Motos will go down in history as the popular figure who embodies machismo“.

“A good communicator (or just an honest person) he would have come out immediately to acknowledge his past machismowould have apologized, would have recognized that feminism is the best vaccine against masculine smallness and would have made an amendment proposal,” he concluded.

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