Felipe González criticizes the elimination of the crime of sedition and calls on the Government to correct the “defective” law of ‘only yes is yes’

Former Prime Minister Felipe González criticized the proposed law of the PSOE and Unidas Podemos to eliminate the crime of sedition —which supported the convictions of the leaders of the 2017 independence process in Catalonia—, a proposal that already passed its first vote last Thursday in Congress, and summoned the Executive to correct the “defective” law of the ‘only yes is yes’ after the sentence reductions for those convicted of sexual assaults.

This is how González expresses himself when asked about these two questions, in a preview of an interview in the program Public mirror that Antena 3 will broadcast this Friday in full.

Regarding the law of ‘only yes is yes’, the former socialist leader assures that there is a “very defective bill” and summons, in a veiled reference to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, to “correct when one is wrong”.

The former Secretary General and former President of the Government, Felipe González (i) greets the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, this Saturday in Seville.

“When you make a mistake, which you even have the right to be wrong, you have to correct and not ask others to correct what you do wrong”, underlines.

On the other hand, González rejects that the crime of sedition be called “public disorder”, and insists that does not conform to the reality of European legislation as justified by the Government.

“This is not public disorder. Therefore, if they have tried to classify what happened, then the classification is neither readjusted to reality nor does it have any comparison with any of the European legislation, “he says.

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