Congress rejects the attempt by PP, Vox, Cs, Puigdemont and the CUP to overthrow the sedition reform

The reform of the crime of sedition agreed by the Government with ERC will continue its express processing in Congress. This Thursday, the Lower House rejected by a large majority the five amendments to the entire reform presented by groups as disparate as PP, Vox, Cs, Junts and the CUP, so now the modification of the Criminal Code will go to the commission of Justice so that amendments to its articles can be presented. The intention of the Executive is to have it ready as soon as possible, so the times will foreseeably be shortened as much as the regulations of the Lower House allow.

The Government and ERC managed to get a large majority of Congress to support the sedition reform process to continue its course. The alternative text that aroused the most support, the one presented by the PP, It was only supported by 156 deputies, mainly the popular ones and those of Vox, and received 185 votes against: those of PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC, PNV, EH Bildu and the rest of the Executive’s parliamentary allies. Vox, for its part, only obtained the support of its deputies and two other parliamentarians for its amendment, which sought to establish “treason against the homeland” as an aggravating factor for the crime of sedition, while the PP abstained.

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