Song for Sushant Singh Rajput meant to empathise with his loved ones: Lyricist


Mumbai: A song committed to Sushant Singh Rajput and launched not long ago is not remarkably winning above his supporters. The melodious track has been shared on social media by loved ones members of the late actor.

Titled “Insaaf ye ek sawaal hai”, the song talks of justice. It has been written by Aditya Chakravarty and made by Sushant’s loved ones buddy Nilotpal Mrinal, who took aspect in the late actor’s final rites. Varun Jain has lent his voice to the song composed by Shubham Sundaram.

Speaking about the song, lyricist Aditya Chakravarty informed IANS: “The song is a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant’s loved ones buddy Nilotpal Mrinal, who is also a buddy of composer Shubham Sundaram, had approached us saying he would like to give a musical tribute to Sushant. Which is how the song was created.”

“Ek sitaara woh asmaan ka rehta ab behaal hai, kya milega uski rooh ko insaaf ye ek sawaal hai…” reads a couple of lines from the song.

On what inspired him to pen lyrics that speak of looking for justice, Aditya replied: “The inspiration behind the song was empathy. I could empathise with his father, his sisters and other loved ones members. We all want the mystery behind his death to be solved. The reduction is not as personalized to us as it is to them. They are in deep soreness. They wished a star in their daily life, they acquired him but they misplaced him as well quickly.”

Now that the CBI has taken above the investigation, does he come to feel Sushant will get justice? “As a citizen of this nation, I have complete faith in the judicial procedure, now that the situation has been taken above by the CBI. I am absolutely sure ‘insaaf’ (justice) will be delivered to his departed soul and to his loved ones members. Justice really should also be delivered to just about every and just about every man or woman who is struggling for it in just about every aspect of this nation,” shared the lyricist.


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