Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
Exclusive: Details of Deepika Padukone's grilling session with NCB over WhatsApp drugs chat, actress reveals more shocking code words

New Delhi: The Narcotics Manage Bureau (NCB) grilled a couple of top rated actors a couple of days back in relation to the WhatsApp drug chats which surfaced and left every person shocked. The federal company is probing the drug angle in Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death situation. Zee Information has solely located out the within facts of how NCB interrogated Deepika Padukone. 

As quickly as Deepika entered the guest household, female NCB officer checked her to see if the actress was carrying any secret gadget. She was checked no matter whether there is any other mobile cellphone with her. Her personal mobile cellphone was taken into custody ahead of her questioning started. 

Quickly soon after ten-15 minutes of her arrival, Deepika Padukone was taken to the 2nd floor of NCB guest household in Mumbai for interrogation.

To start with, the officials had an informal conversation with the actress. It was finished in purchase to make Deepika Padukone cozy and lighten the tension degree, if any. 

Deepika Padukone was shocked

Through the informal conversation, inquiries like ‘Tell us a little something about yourself’, like identify and so forth left the actress stunned. Why? Effectively, mainly because she presently is a pretty massive Bollywood star.

In accordance to sources, soon after the informal conversation, typically two kinds of inquiries – fixed and circumstance-primarily based – are asked from the accused. 

Deepika was asked inquiries connected to her 2017 WhatsApp medicines chat, which NCB had ready beforehand. When Deepika begun answering the inquiries of the investigator, the NCB was presently mindful of her solutions. Like she would say that she has not taken medicines. Then extra inquiries have been asked about it. The identical inquiries are twisted in various techniques and asked repeatedly so that the accused get puzzled even though answering. But Deepika did not get puzzled at all. 

To start with que: Deepika was to start with asked by NCB that you had written in the medicines chat of 2017 about ‘Maal Hai Kya’? 

Deepika: Yes I had asked ‘Maal Hai Kya’. But it is not that maal what you are considering. We get in touch with cigarettes as ‘maal’. It is our code word for it.

2nd que: Then what is Hash? This was also a component of your chat.

Deepika: Yes, we get in touch with cigarettes as ‘maal’. Hash and weed are a variety of cigarettes. That signifies cigarettes of various manufacturers.

Third que: How can Hash and Weed be cigarettes of various manufacturers?

Deepika: We get in touch with thin cigarettes as hash and thicker ones are known as weed. We smoke cigarettes, but we will not do medicines.

To justify the code phrases, Deepika exposed that in the movie sector, we use a whole lot of code phrases throughout our interactions for a number of items. She informed numerous this kind of code phrases are utilised, out of numerous these two are exclusive – 1 is paneer (cheese) and the other quickie and marriage.

She disclosed we use paneer for these folks who are pretty skinny. And quickie and marriage is utilised for lengthy and quick relationships. Quickie signifies a quick-lived connection. Marriage signifies a lengthy-lasting connection. 

In her interrogation, Deepika stated that doobs are also cigarettes.

Deepika Padukone’s manager Karishma Prakash also gave the identical statement for ‘maal’ and ‘hash’. To even further dig out the reality, the NCB officials gave Karishma a paper and pen and positioned two cigarettes in front of her. One particular was thick and the other thin. Then Karishma was asked to create the names of these two cigarettes.

Karishma then wrote hash for thin cigarettes and weed for thicker ones. This indicated that each had come ready for the NCB’s inquiry. Even so, it has been learnt that the NCB is not entirely happy with their solutions and is obtaining extra reliable proof. If wanted, they will be known as yet again for the probe in the medicines situation. 

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