Mon. Sep 28th, 2020
Actress attacked over feeding stray dogs in Greater Noida

New Delhi: An actress named Tarana Singh was attacked by some residents of her society in Better Noida more than feeding stray canines. The total incident has been captured on a CCTV camera and the video has gone viral on social media. 

Tarana stays in Better Noida’s Know-how Valley Park. She was attacked by a brick by two people today, recognized as Lokesh Bhati and his wife Sunita. The incident occurred on August 13 when Tarana went to feed stray canines.

It has also been alleged that the Know-how Valley Park police refused to launch a probe in the situation. Even so, as per the police, a situation has been registered by the two the events and investigation is currently being finished.

Tarana is an animal lover. She routinely feeds stray canines and in the lockdown, she continued to feed the canines close to her society. 

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